Sunflower Path

Kinhouse Massage

It is bittersweet to share that as of July 2023, Kinhouse Massage, LLC will be closing. After four years, I am moving on to a different career that meets my changing access needs related to my disabilities. I will continue to work within the Crip/Mad/Neurodivergent/Neuroqueer/Disabled community, to foster community care and promote social justice. I am disheartened that there are no other providers in the Portland area providing low-barrier service to our community. However, I am not without hope, as hope and joy are central to our community. Both separately and together, we will continue to work towards systemic-level change that brings equity to our community.

Please contact me via the contact form for any records requests. And, please reach out if you would like to work together on any community projects.

With warmth and gratitude,